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Holiday at Obudu


OBUDU MOUNTAIN RESORT Private Mail Bag X 1037, Obanliku, Cross River State, NIGERIA

Telephone Number:


Email for booking:



A total of 159 rooms are available.All rooms are adequately furnished to suit your needs and contribute to providing guests with a rewarding experience to always remember.

Note: Prices last updated December 2008.

Daily Rate Inclusive No of Units TYPE OF ROOMS Rate(VAT&Serv.Charge)NAIRA Deposit
Standard Double Chalet 43 a)Standard Double Bedroom with two 3-quarters beds,TV,En-Suite bathroomrefrigerator and room heater. N18,500 N20,000
b)Family Unit consists of 2 Standard Double Rooms with Inter-Leading Door N29, 500 N35,000
Superior Double Chalet 11 Standard Double Bedroom with 3-quarters beds or double bed, TV ,refrigerator, roomheater and en-suite bathroom. N 21, 500 N25,000
African Huts 20 Room with a Double Bed,en-suiteBathroom,T.V,refrigerator and room heater.Cosy and intimate with the atmosphere of an African Village N22,500 N25,000
Club Chalet 11 Standard Double Bedroom with 3-quarters beds or double bed, TV ,refrigerator, roomheater and en-suite bathroom and a small lounge. N23,500 N25,000
Executive Suite 8 Spacious Suite, comprising a Lounge with TV and refrigerator.The bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and a double bed or 2 single beds. N30,000 N35,000
Royal Suite 1 Two Bedroomed Unit with double beds and en-suite bathrooms.Lounge,Kitchenette and Dining Room with a Fireplace,Room Heater,T.V and refrigerator. N37,500 N40,000
Presidential Suite 1 Spacious and Luxurious 2-Bedroom Unit,with double beds and each with an en-suite bathroom. Large Dining Room,Kitchenette and Lounge with a Fireplace,T.V,Refrigerator and Room Heater. N43, 500 N45,000
Governor’s Lodge 1 Spacious and Luxurious 2-Bedroom Unit,each with en-suite Bathrooms.Large Dining room,Kitchenette and Lounge with fireplace.Main Bedroom with Double Bed and other room with 2 Single Beds. N52, 500 N55,000
Mountain Villas 20 3 En-Suite Bedrooms with Double Beds,Room Heater,TV.Each Villa has a Lounge, Kitchenette,Balcony with Microwave and refrigerator.. N60,000 N70,000


  • To secure your reservation, the required deposit must be paid within 72 hours of making the reservation.
  • The Resort does not accept credit cards or cheques
  • All accounts are payable in cash on presentation
  • The Hotel reserves the right to cancel any reservations not secured by an advance deposit without further communication to the client.
  • All rates and tariffs subject to change without prior notice


The presence of 3 restaurants;Anape Restaurant,Steak House,Water Park Restaurant serve to ensure that you enjoy a variety of delicious dishes at the resort. Meals per day are at the following times:

  • Breakfast 07:00 – 10:00 Price per person: N3,000
  • Lunch 12:00 – 15:00 Price per person: N3,000
  • Dinner 18:00 – 22:00 Price per person: N3,000

(Bar Menu and Light Meals available from N 600- Children Catered for.)


This area is open daily. Warm and comfortable with fireplace.


The Hotel operates on Generator Power, which operates twice daily at the following times: Morning:06:00 – 10:00 Evening:18:00 – 12:30

Extra Generator power on Request N17,500 per hour

Wireless Internet Service is COMPLIMENTARY to In-House Guests (Bar Area Only)

In-House Laundry Service

Security – 24 hours

Please note that travel at all other times will have to be by road from Calabar, as the chartered flight only operates during the festive period. Aerocontractor’s flights to the Ranch are usually at the request of the Tourism board.



1. Water Fall 6 Hours 2,000
2. Cataract View 3 Hours 1,000
3. Facilities Tour 1 Hour 1,000
4. Grotto 40 Minutes 500
5. Grotto-Group Picnic Half Day 1,000
6. Aero Plane Field Over View 2 Hours 400
7. Monkey Face View 1 Hour 300
8. Holy Mountain 2 Hours 400
9. Intestine Road View Point 1½Hours 300
10.Cameroon Border View Point 5 Hours 1,500
11.Igaga Water Falls 3 Hours 1,500
12.Retest View Point 5 Hours 1,500
13.Mountain and VillageWalk 1,000
14.Bird Watching 1,500
15.Horseback Riding(Round Trip) 1 Hour 1,000
16.Cable Car 1,500
17.Water Park 1,100
18.BECHEVE NATURE RESERVE Entrance fee: Adults 200
Children 40
19.CANOPY WALKWAY Entrance fee: Adults 200
Children 40


  • Wear shoes that fit, are sturdy and suitable for hiking
  • Wear and /or take along the correct clothes to suit the weather conditions
  • Take along some sun protection (Sun Block, Hat)
  • Take along water and a few sweets.
  • Binoculars will be useful for spotting the different bird species
  • Request the services of a guide to provide local information and directions.This can be given by the hotel
  • Swimming Costume and summer clothes are needed for a visit to the Water Park


With a constant stream of tourists and holiday makers,the Christmas period is one of the busiest seasons in the year at the Ranch.To book a holiday or an event for this period,bookings of rooms and conference centers should be made months ahead of scheduled event or holiday.



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The ranch

Submitted by Anonymous on 10 March, 2011 – 06:21.
It’s just so funny reading all these comments. I’ve notice that unfailing, all those complaining about the ranch and the electricity have never been there, and all those that have been there say good stuff. It’s just unbelievable these Nigerians, are you not suppose to review a thing after experience?


Submitted by Anonymous on 28 September, 2010 – 13:17.
After having read through all the comments posted I just have one Question!
What in the world is wrong with Nigerians?
How can a person in the right frame of mind make excuses for a “RESORT” with limited power supply?
is that supposed to be some form of solidarity or patriotism?
on the contrary thats Anti-Patriotism because Development will never occur as long as we keep making excuses for ourselves.
That is the kind of thinking that has kept us (NIGERIA) where we are for this long!
electricity is a necessity not a luxury, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in Obudu!
Outside of the charging of laptops, phones, and other portable devices, Heating and cooling of the rooms, I want to see light just because i want to.
i mean i had to pay over one hundred dollars for an extra hour of electricity and you expect grave reviews? …I thought not!
Don’t get me wrong, the money wasn’t the problem… our mentality is.
Had fun, but only because i could afford it. couldn’t help but think that with a little less cash, my trip may not have gone so well.


Submitted by Anonymous on 24 July, 2010 – 15:20.
i was really looking forward to this place in support of internal tourism. but my dear i need electricity especially when i want to relax with my family. i think i will have to go some where else.

Great place to getaway

Submitted by Anonymous on 14 July, 2010 – 16:18.
I’ve been to the ranch and had a swell time. Lets talk about my experience in bits:
Food – I love variety and the ranch didnt dissapoint. A good blend of local and continental delicacies. You have to try the yoghurt. Its simply the best I’ve had

Fitness – if sitting at the foot of a water fall, bird watching, sight seeing, hiking and mountain climbing (and descending) isnt your kind of thing then you’ll be pleased to know that the ranch has a descent gym and a couple of tennis courts (hard courts) Its not US open quality but it’ll do

Accommodation – the rooms are ok. Not special in my view.

Security – I didnt have any unplesant experiences. I actually forgot to lock my door on a few occassions

Environment and outdoor activities – you have to experience it yourself. Its simply the most relaxing place to be. Its so serene that you can hear yourself think but also engaging if you prefer a fast pace

Yes there is no electricity and you cant charge your blackberries or watch stock markets crash on bloomberg. I guess that’s one of the reasons I chose Obudu in the first place. To get away from it all.

Back to reality and work for me.

I recommend it if you want to get away from it all and/or if you are used to a fast paced life and have trouble slowing down. 2 to 3 nights will do.

RE:Great place to getaway

Submitted by Anonymous on 17 July, 2010 – 01:48.
Hi ‘anonymous’. what – in ur assessment’- would be a modest estimate of the bill for the 2-3 nights for a family of 3?


Submitted by Anonymous on 8 July, 2010 – 19:25.

Re: The Ranch

Submitted by Anonymous on 2 May, 2010 – 21:32.
Wow! So many comments about The Ranch. I must submit that though electricity is essential, it’s so funny that those making crazy comments about the electricity situation@The Ranch have never been there while those who have been there sing praises about it. Anyways, I’m a corps member serving@Cross River State&will be visiting the ranch wit my friends this weekend&I have decided that electricity or no electricity, I’m gonna have a fun-filled&fulfilled time@The Ranch! @ease!
Uzo Richard

i’ve been there too, but…

Submitted by Anonymous on 23 April, 2010 – 03:17.
I read thru all the comments and I must say I’m surprised at some comments nigerians are making. Firstly, I have been to obudu, and though the weather was chilly and there were lots of activities one could engage in, there were times within the no-electricity window that I wanted to kick it back and watch some tv. We in nigeria are well aware of that dull calm, that unwelcome silence, that feeling of excitement seeping away when power is cut. Well, it still feels the same way up there in “little heaven”. Even if u want to be up and going throughout the period u’r there, you would like to have the option of sitting in if you’d want to. I suspected back then, and still do now, that a more less-obvious reason for the lack of electricity besides reduction in operating costs, is so that people could get bored or discontent with staying indoors and go out to spend more money on more activities, which brings me to my second point.

If you haven’t saved up a lot of money, don’t bother going. You might think the time slots they give an activity would be sufficient. Well, you might find yourself paying for more and more time. This could be because u are having fun or just bcos u can’t go back to ur room since there is no electricity.

What I loved most about obudu though, was the early mornings. Though freezing cold, the appearance of walking on clouds (through thick fog) was lovely. What I didn’t appreciate, apart from the obvious lack of constant electricity and high charges, was the total absence of life except that which u create for yourself. I mean, I know it’s meant to be a serene environment, but a little lively music and party never hurt nobody.

All in all, my experience at obudu was ok. But that I will attribute mainly to the company I had and our money.

Its so sad

Submitted by Anonymous on 19 February, 2010 – 21:10.
I mean d much hyped ranch isnt even worth it.wont it be beta fun lovers try ghana out for honeymoon dan obudu?tcheeew

honeymoon at the ranch

Submitted by Anonymous on 30 December, 2009 – 11:38.
We’ve been hearing wonderful things about Obudu Cattle Ranch but I’m really disappointed about the electricity situation. I’m planning to come to the ranch for my honeymoon and we’re planning to have a lot of indoor activities during the day. How are we going to totally enjoy ourselves when there’s no electricity?

Please, the Management of the ranch should please do something about the electricity problem.


Submitted by Anonymous on 4 December, 2009 – 01:52.
Having read all the comments, i have to say that it’s a massive disappointment that i have to pay $100 for an hour of electricity compounded with the fact that every single activity on the ranch has a price tag attached to it. I think it’s absolutely nuts to accept the fact that because there are loads of activities to take part in i can not decide to relax in my room during the day due to the fact that there is no electricity. I don’t think that anyone in their right senses would visit a resort as expensive as Obudu knowing that electricity is available for just 10 hours a day. And at night, i love to fall asleep to nice relaxing music, but i guess that can’t happen at Obudu. I mean at the end of the day, a couple staying at the ranch for a week and actually enjoying the activities will cost about N350,000 or $2500 but Disneyland staying at Disneys grand Californian hotel and spa for a couple for a week including a visit to mgm studios and a whole lot more and oh yeah 24hrs electricity costs $2,285, so my people what in the world are we talking about. Thats BOLLOCKS!!!

It’s unbelievable,so i have

Submitted by Anonymous on 7 November, 2009 – 11:14.
It’s unbelievable,so i have to pay for N17,500 per hour for electricity,isn’t that a shame.For a place like that electricity is essential(24/7).It so sad.

Honest View.

Submitted by Anonymous on 3 November, 2009 – 04:26.
If you’re considering a place to cast away your sorrows and feel relieved from the ups and downs of this world, please save some money and visit Obudu Cattle Ranch (OCR) or Little Heaven (LH). I visited OCR in February, 09 and enjoyed every second of my stay there.

The scheduled electricity supply time frame was sufficient for things I needed done. I was highly pleased with the reception from the time I was transported up the 1750km from ground level to the top of LH till the time I left. My goodness! I felt like I was in heaven and not wanting to believe I was in Nigeria.

Moreover, everybody there was courteous, the entire little heaven was super clean, the customer service was superb, and I particularly love the African hut. The food was fresh, delicious, and fulfilling. My hope is to actually retire in one of the villages surrounding LH if I can build a house there. LH is a very romantic, peaceful, and safe place to enjoy life free of worries for the time it lasts. I recommend this for anybody. Peace, love, and joy always:::))))

My love 4 Obudu!!!

Submitted by poloscally on 30 October, 2009 – 12:07.
I get completely sick when somebody will want to defend the absence of light at the RANCH on anything best known them.
How can anyone who is in right senses say light is not important in such a place as OBUDU cattle ranch?

I think most of you who have spoken in support of the lack of electricity are in one way or the benefiting from it absence.
It is a shame for such to exist.

An coming to hear that you will be given time to experience electricity, only shows that if not for the backward mentality of NIGERIAN, something can be permanently done to ensure constant supply of light.

All of us writing this comments are in one way other trying to show our patriotism to wards our country, but you can’t go supporting what is bad. You and I know it retardants to think such.

As we all know people are expected to visit the ranch from allover the world…only to end the hard day mountain climbing and all that in a long night of darkness siting excuses that there are insect and mosquitoes?????

Common NIGERians, think, think for the betterment of tom, light is essential!!!!! though, will not have any part in determining to visit OBUDU( my home town) this December.

Taste of Heaven:::)))

Submitted by Anonymous on 3 November, 2009 – 04:23.
If you’re considering a place to cast away your sorrows and feel relieved from the ups and downs of this world, please save some money and visit Obudu Cattle Ranch (OCR) or Little Heaven (LH). I visited OCR in February, 09 and enjoyed every second of my stay there.

The scheduled electricity supply time frame was sufficient for things I needed done. I was highly pleased with the reception from the time I was transported up the 1750km from ground level to the top of LH till the time I left. My goodness! I felt like I was in heaven and not wanting to believe I was in Nigeria.

Moreover, everybody there was courteous, the entire little heaven was super clean, the customer service was superb, and I particularly love the African hut. The food was fresh, delicious, and fulfilling. My hope is to actually retire in one of the villages surrounding LH if I can build a house there. LH is a very romantic, peaceful, and safe place to enjoy life free of worries for the time it lasts. I recommend this for anybody. Peace, love, and joy always:::))))

Its shameful, electricty ia a

Submitted by Anonymous on 20 August, 2010 – 13:39.
Its shameful, electricty ia a basic necessity. Its just like being asked to pay for water that is supposed to be provided for one’s confort. probably you will still commend the authorities if you are asked to pay for water. We should be objective and see beyond our noses. I think you are one of those that benefit from the backwardness of this country.

Hotels in obudu

Submitted by Anonymous on 6 October, 2009 – 20:16.
Hi, i’m planning a trip to obudu with my boyfriend and looking at the cost of rooms at the ranch we were thinking of maybe looking for a hotel in obudu town as rooms in the ranch are a bit on the high price. we havent been there before and dont know any one that has and just wondering if anyone knows about hotels in the area………… Any suggestions?


Submitted by Anonymous on 13 September, 2009 – 18:39.
It’s really funny that out of all the comments i read (and i read all of them)the majority of the people complaining about lack of electricity are those who have not gone or are planning to go Obudu.Majority of those that have ACTUALLY gone there have mostly good things to say about the place.The management has been courageous enough (VERY UNUSUAL FOR NIGERIAN BUSINESSES)to give all the important informations concerning staying at their resort but trust the typical Nigerian we always quick to run down, complain and generally try to bring down any good initiative.
I am looking forward to staying at Obudu ranch (i am coming from Canada where i can assure you that there is light 24hrs)because it looks like a wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy nature at its best.
So for all those that wouldn’t come because of lack of electricity, i say thank you cause some of us just want to go and enjoy ourselves instead of listening to your unimportant ramblings..

Still on Electricity at OCR

Submitted by Anonymous on 30 November, 2010 – 10:45.
I have not been to the Ranch but I must say the issue of electricity is germane. I do not know if it is the Ranch Management policy to deliberately limit the hours of electricty or as a result of the malaise that has beseiged the power sector in the country. If either or both are the reasons for the shortcoming, then something ought to be done. A resort is a resort and should have all the comforts one could think of, most importantly, electricty. We are begining to embrace the holiday culture in Nigeria and there are certain inconviniences that assail us on daily basis which we can do without even if it is for a weekend or a few days’ holiday. I have been to Afrikiko Resort in Volta Region, Ghana, where a blend of nature and one of the biggest man-made water bodies in the world provide serenity and fun for holiday makers and of course, with 24/7 electricity supply. For my dear friend from Canada, a couple or so days away from where the most basic modern necessity of life is taken for granted to experience the ‘nature’, albeit without light, may not be a big deal. For those of us who want to spend sometime away from the madhouse that is our society, we have the right to demand a decent holiday, particularly if we had to pay a bomb in comprison to what obtains elsewhere. Forgive my ‘unimportant ramblings’, you have only a few days to enjoy the ‘nature’ without light before taking off to your abode in Canada… we have like a lifetime to contend with the light situation in Nigeria after leaving the resort. Do enjoy your holiday.

Why are people content with

Submitted by Anonymous on 30 November, 2009 – 20:38.
Why are people content with substandard things? Is electricity regulated in the Canada where you come from?

Where are you from

Submitted by Anonymous on 18 February, 2010 – 14:40.
I am actually considering visiting the place with my woman. However having to pay $100 per hour for electricity is insane, it is ludicrous and need looking into.

Hello, you have not said any

Submitted by Anonymous on 18 November, 2009 – 08:03.
Hello, you have not said any thing sensible, do you mean lack of constant light is a good thing, are you one of the people that benfit from this situation? think please.

Better to see things the way they are

Submitted by Anonymous on 27 August, 2009 – 01:00.
I believe people should learn to see things before they complain. All the power supply stuff does not put me off at all. I’ve heard too much bout the place not to visit.Maybe when i do visit and find that i need 24 hours power supply, i will go back to my drawing board and do the little i can. We should not judge a book by it’s cover, learn to turn the first, second, third page, then and only then do you have any right to throw the book away or hug it.

I will be and I will let the world know my experience.


Submitted by Anonymous on 30 November, 2010 – 10:55.
Thank you. If you are through with your hols and you think a resort is complete without electricity, please do convince me of your reasons.

stop complaining!!!!!!!! by

Submitted by Anonymous on 26 August, 2009 – 21:20.
can you guys stop complaining about electricity…doesnt it occur to you ignorant people that everyone who is complaining about the electricity issue on this page has not even been to the place. for Gods sake,all the people who have been there said it is wonderful.Try it out first and see if after having so much fun all day you would have enough energy to stay up even past 10 oclock either watching tv or making love or be able to wake up before 7.


Submitted by Anonymous on 18 February, 2010 – 15:10.
Some people need exposure I guess you are used to not having regular supply of electricity

why are we like this?

Submitted by Anonymous on 20 November, 2010 – 18:44.
let me ask u, who in naija is used to having regular power supply? is power outage news in our country? why are we so fake? why dont we ever appreciate what we have? have u been there? why are we like this? is it some form of complex?why are we always in a hurry to conclude that it is better else where? what u dont appreciate and nuture wil neva reach its potential. lets take a moment to think.

u r very correct. the weather

Submitted by Anonymous on 29 August, 2009 – 14:18.
u r very correct. the weather is so cold I did not even need electricity to cool me down.There are a lot of fun activities that i often got back to the room in the evening to watch selected movies on my ipod. This is on a moutain top mind u. U need to go there to see what I am talking about.

Means You are Sick in the

Submitted by poloscally on 30 October, 2009 – 12:10.
My dear, no light no life!!!!!

Proposed vacation

Submitted by Anonymous on 6 May, 2009 – 13:52.
My boyfriend & I (he’s British) are planning to spend 1 week at the Ranch when he comes over in June. He actually saw it on the ‘Net and asked me about it. I told him I’d heard good reviews and also that it costs a lot.
But after going through the comments on this page, I began to ask myself some questions. I know how much it costs me to travel to the UK (which I do twice a year) and yet I haven’t even toured my own country. I travel to Bauchi State every month yet I’ve never been to Yankari Game Reserve.
Our mentality as Nigerians, has to change. We are not backward people and so should not assume that the reason the Generator runs for certain hours is because we are not used to experiencing continuous power supply.
Someone mentioned that the mountain is not on the grid which is the reason why they have to be on generator, not PHCN. If they have to run it for 24 hrs, then of course, the cost of everything will increase.
I agree with the comment about them stepping up on publicity and arranging packages (which will be cheaper) so that people can come in groups.
Abuja to Bauchi is between 4-5hours and so the drive from Calabar is not a problem for me (though I wish i could get a flight).
I’m really looking forward to spending time at the Ranch and I’m going to make the best of my stay there.
One thing we are known for, is that we complain about everything under the sun- if it’s not the power supply, it’s the 5hr drive or the cost of the rooms, food etc.
I’m coming back to this page to tell my experience at the Ranch which I know will be good (just because I have made up my mind to enjoy myself and my boyfriend, of course, lol).


God bless u ma sister. You

Submitted by Anonymous on 20 November, 2010 – 19:10.
God bless u ma sister. You captured it rather nicely. from your comment you are exposed and appreciate the fact that there really is no place like home no matter where on the globe u live. we have complex issues in naija. the complaints are so unnecessary and not constructive at all. we tend to run down things that originate from us. so quick to conclude that the one else where is better. its that mentality that is killing us. its a real shame. someone suggested that a couple should try Ghana instead and i’m so amazed. The person in question i can assure u has not crossed Seme border. Why are we like this? No matter the scenario an average Ghanian wil not accept that its better else where because he’s so patriotic. i think the average Nigerian has serious complex issues and that is why u find people sending there children to primary and secondary schools in Ghana when they dont even reside there. we end up helping other people to really believ that we are all failures in our country and its not so. This happens simply because people are not well informed or just simply have a terrible complex. i have lived in different countries and the more i move about, the more i appreciate my country. we dont know what we have. i can assure u that u’l hav fun at the Ranch resort. Please ignore comments from ppl who haven’t been outside there doorsteps!

make i hear word

Submitted by Anonymous on 19 November, 2009 – 15:43.
make i hear word

Simbo what are your thoughts?

Submitted by Anonymous on 17 August, 2009 – 13:17.
First I live in England, my wife is in Nigeria and we constantly vacation abroad all the time, but we have decided to try out Nigeria for this years vacation. I actually suggested Obudu Cattle ranch, and thank God I checked out this website today. Simbo I just want to know your thoughts about the place and what your boyfriend thought of it?

On a general note though, I am unsure why most people on here are up in arms about the electricity issue. Whilst I understand concerns raised about having to pay extra for continued power supply, I can really not comment until I have visited.

I am definitely visiting though and I think My family will plan to also visit Yankari Game reserve at some point, I think its high time we all started supporting Nigerian initiatives.

very Best Ben

Re:Proposed Vacation

Submitted by Anonymous on 31 July, 2009 – 12:13.
how come you’re not back with your comments?did you go?did you like the place?
what else?
am a Ghanaian living in Ghana.i just discovered this place on the net,and am having second thoughts because of all the other comments by people..would really love ot come there one day..
could the price please be in dollar equivalents so those of us who have no idea about the naira can know excatly how much we are going to be spending whilst there?
thanks..hope to visit this place very soon, one of these days

Sheena Love Mensah

Sheena, and all the other

Submitted by Anonymous on 29 August, 2010 – 22:58.
Sheena, and all the other unsure people, I went there with my brand new wife over three years ago, and each time we reminice, it’s like it’s just yesterday. It’s one of the few miracles of governance in Naija. It’s absolutely exquisite. the sights, the hills, the construction, the cable cars, the cattle (including the fattened ones named DONALD & JOSHUA, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, the breath-taking water park, the friendly hosts, the clouds walking beside us, the birds, the freedom, the joy and the pride that all this is rite here in Naija… And we’re planning to go there again for this year’s vacation… can’t wait. May God bless and keep Donald Duke.

My First Impression

Submitted by Anonymous on 21 April, 2009 – 12:25.
I have heard about Obudu Ranche for quite sometime now. So I decided to check it online because am planing my next holiday and I actually wanted to have more info on it to be able to know wether to recommend it to my european colleagues(who have always shown interest in visiting Nigeria) or not.

My first impression is that, going by the picture presented online the place is worth a visit. However I have an impression that one may be the only visitor there, which could make such a visit boring. My advice to the management are
1. Step up your marketing and provide more special offers to bring visitor in their thousands on weekly bases all year round. In my opinion the offer package with half the presents night charges, and provide (chartered) Flights from major Cities like Abuja, Lagos, and PH will receive more patronage.
2. Look for international tourist partners to bring in visitors from Europe, Americas, Asia, and South Africa etc.

I wish you success in this endeavour.
EXCEL Consulting Ltd, ademuyad@hotmail.com

My Tots

Submitted by Anonymous on 26 March, 2009 – 01:02.
I am glad I came across this site though its a little late. Then again I am glad I didn’t visit this site before I went to the ranch cos wit wat some of y’all are saying I would never have gone there. Been there twice now and every experience there I cherish. Its very beautiful. You don’t need electricity when there none cos the way it works you are touring all day will definately sleep b4 midnite and will have power wen u wake. There do leave the electricity on throughout during the peak periods and its totally a pleasurable experience. I have holidayed to a lot of places in my lifetime and my Obudu trip was amongst the best. Its funny to hear so many Nigerians complain especially knowing that they have neva been there wen I was there I saw a lot people from all over the world having a ball

Power can be constant!

Submitted by Anonymous on 24 March, 2009 – 05:25.
There is Sunlight (Solar power).
There is a waterfall! (hydro power)
You are on a hill (wind power)
yet you run diesel generators.

God, please help us trigger our thinking in Nigeria!!!


Power can be constant

Submitted by Anonymous on 6 January, 2011 – 15:11.
I so much like your reasoning. you see people will always spend all their precious time passing blames around without thinking of how to improve through constructive critism. Who told them that Ghana resorts are better?
I am a testimony to that fact and if yoy doubt it, give a try.

re:power can b constant

Submitted by Anonymous on 21 November, 2010 – 22:30.
@ remfat you r 1 of d most sensible nigerians around.
How can they 4get other alternative sources of power nd make
Xcuses bout nt bein on d grid! When we av sun,water,wind nd even cow dung?
They just might b standin on their brains!!!!!!!

hi remfat

Submitted by Anonymous on 21 November, 2010 – 16:57.
I guess you are the most sane person of all the people making comment here..why should pay over $100 a day n I can’t get electricity…what happens to alternate energy source? I think we still need to lace our brace before getting invovled in such project..I can’t imagine someone saying it ok if u don’t get power supply,cos u are there for vacation n you need to just take your mind off all bussle nhussle of work n life,I can as well suggest the management to restrict phone usage as well if that is the reason for no electricity

my dear, you are absolutely

Submitted by Anonymous on 6 September, 2010 – 23:35.
my dear, you are absolutely right! their energy is channeled towards stealing from this beautiful nation and killing it!


Submitted by Anonymous on 2 December, 2009 – 12:29.
Great Great point. Embarraing that we rely on diesel generator

Power can be constant!

Submitted by Anonymous on 10 July, 2009 – 09:19.
You are about the most sensible person here. Some people seem to think it’s acceptable not to have electricity just because “it’s on a hill”….i”t’s cold”….”you will be out most of the time”…etc. You people need extensive re-orientation!! No constant electricity?!! There’s no excuse for this total lack of initiative!!!

Besides a resort like this should be generating it’s own “GREEN” energy and not contributing to the degradation of the environment with all the diesel burning! That could be a good advertisement point too!!


Generator Merchants, that’s what they are!

Submitted by Anonymous on 30 November, 2010 – 11:31.
You know what, most of these guys are probably connected to those that are making some cool wads from importation of electric generators. Could you, for crying out loud, imagine the calibre of diesel engines and the quantity of gas required to power just the electic cable car and other machineries at the resort? Those nice gentlemen contractors certainly aren’t going to be in a hurry to have the resort connected to the national grid. Do not be surprised that some of these ‘gentlemen’ are the policy makers in the land. Should our thinking be skewed just because we must be seen to be patriotic. Iro!A no gree!

na you biko!!!!

Submitted by poloscally on 30 October, 2009 – 13:26.
Find word weh pass YEYE call dem for me.

They all have the veil of shamelessness to support the lack of light at the OBUDU RANCH.
Anyone who support that there’s no cause for alarm for the lack constant supply electricity at Obudu cattle is BLIND and should ABDICATED.

We may joke about this but it’s another huge nail in OUR coffin to remain in darkness( the fact that you have always beaten by rain’, does not mean you have lost the right to wearing warm and dry clothes)


RE: Power can be constant!

Submitted by Anonymous on 19 September, 2009 – 21:21.
It is indeed amazing that people…and the majority at that…are actually putting forth arguements like “its on a mountain” and “its cold”. For crying out loud, what do these have to do with electricity? I totally agree that Obudu should be able to go “GREEN” (or at least have a plan to go GREEN) as far as energy goes. With the current business model, Obudu will never make it to the international tourist scene. It is no wonder that Nigerians are touring other countries during their holidays…these countries have their acts together, SIMPLE!. “It is cold”….give me a break!!

Another thing that caught my attention is the fact that you pay to go EVERYWHERE in this place!!! Are they serious? I’m surprised you don’t pay to use the loo…or is there a hidden cost to this? I submit that the only reason they are still afloat is because the average Nigerian makes excuses for mediocrity.

Michael (Oman)

constant electricity

Submitted by Anonymous on 25 January, 2010 – 09:17.
thats what you get with nigerian investor they want to milk the hotel for profit and dont want to pay for mainteanance and upgrades


Submitted by Anonymous on 18 March, 2009 – 10:32.
Myself and my fiancee are getting married in September, and we were looking to honeymoon at Obudu Ranch for 2 weeks.

Definitely not now! Electricity, in this day and age is a right, not a priviledge that should have to be paid for. Perhaps if the management had factored the cost of constant power into the price, it would be more acceptable. Holding guests to ransom, and telling them they had to pay N17,500 per hour outside the stipulated time is absurd!

Definitely off my weekend retreat list.